Wednesday, March 26

Easter time

(I totally thought I published this post last week. I couldn't figure out why no one had said anything. I never check my own blog so didn't realize I hadn't posted!)

We had a wonderful Easter weekend with my parents in St. Joe. My brother David and his long time girlfriend, Tammy, came up for a short time on Sunday to visit us too. We hadn't seen them in over a year, it was good to see them. (Far too long!) Kati thoroughly enjoys her time at Grammy and Papa's - Michael and I don't exist in her world when Grammy is around.

Egg hunt on Saturday at Grammy & Papa's

Ava disguises herself as the easter bunny.

Kati on Easter Sunday - after services they had an egg hunt. She got lots of good stuff that she won't eat but Michael and I will!

This is a late evening shot of Ava in her Easter outfit. (Things were so busy, I didn't realize I had forgotten to get a picture of her earlier in the day!) It once was Kati's baby dedication dress. Hard to believe Kati once fit into it and now she is so big.
Taking this picture was special to me, every year growing up, we would take pictures on our front porch before going to Easter services. This year it was important to me to get a picture with my family on the porch.

David & Tammy joined us on the porch.
This is my adorable nephew Aidden. He lives in North Carolina. Even though he wasn't with us on Easter, I have to include this very adorable picture of him. We love and miss you Aidden!

Friday, March 21

Deep Discounts

I just got good news and feel like writing about it. We had a lot of medical bills in 2007 with my pregnancy (lots of tests, multiple doctors appts.), Michael's MRI, and the bills for Ava and myself after her birth. Anyway, the hospital system I work for offers charity care for people who cannot pay their bills in full for whatever reason.

So my good news, is that after insurance the discount of 40%, we only owe $285.05 for all of our bills! That is such a huge blessing for us. Our total bill would have been $475.08. So anyway, I am thrilled.

Tuesday, March 11

Free rice = increased brain power

I just learned of a new program called Free Rice. I read about it in the most recent People magazine. Basically, for playing every correct answer in the word game on their website they donate 20 grains of rice to United Nations World Food Program. It is a great program helping those overseas that we wouldn't normally be able to. It gives an update for every day and month so you can see how much rice is being donated. For instance 3,893,361,180 grains of rice were donated in February 08. I placed the link to the right for those of you who want to play/donate.

Thursday, March 6

Kati is 4!

Kati turned four years old on Feb. 27th. I can't believe my baby girl is already 4. She has grown up so much. Luckily, we have left most of the issues that come with being three behind and she is blossoming into a wonderful little girl. She is on the verge of reading. She is writing quite a few words, like Kati, mom, dad, Ava, cat, dog, etc. The other day she was watching one of her Leapfrog videos, she stopped and ran to the fridge to spell a word she had just seen. I love watching her learn. We were reading the paper the other day and she picked up a grocery ad and said, "this says Hy-Vee." I was impressed. I love that she loves learning and hope it continues for a very long time.

Her birthday party was last Saturday. She received many nice gifts. I love the cute clothes, she loves the toys. She is totally in love with Hannah Montana and really wanted a Hannah cake, so we let her have it. I was a little sad she didn't want another princess party but Hannah stuff is everywhere, and I figure there are much worse people out there she could like.
She entertained us by singing a Hannah song.
Kati loves her cake.

Bryan and Kati enjoying cake.

Do they look alike?

Here are my girls both at 3 months old? Do you think they look alike?

Grow up!

I normally try to save my blog for pleasantries but today I just have to let it out. I don't understand why grown women feel the need to act like they are still in junior high. It is so ridiculous. If you are mad then just say so or get over it and move on. I would rather someone tell me they are upset with me than to beat around the bush and make life unpleasant. Case in point: a co-worker is mad at me b/c I will not tell her information provided to me by my boss. It isn't her place to know until he makes it known, if I divulge the information first than I could be in trouble. I have not held anything over her head. She asked if I knew what the meeting was about, when I said yes, she thought I should have told her. This was two weeks ago, the meeting is tomorrow and I cannot wait. Of course, then she will be even more mad and make things more miserable but that's okay, at least it will be out in the open. Today, she called my good friend into her office, shut the door and said "let's see if we can make her nervous." I don't care, it's childish, I just wish people could grow up and act like adults. Enough said.