Sunday, May 31

Preschool Graduation


Since I have been so lacking in posting, I decided to put my facebook updates on here so those of you who don't have facebook can see what you are missing out on:

May 8
Apparently it is really fun to pull my hand mixer all over the kitchen, perhaps I should try it sometime, Ava seems to love it.

May 9
just potted 30 plants then the dog came on the deck bleeding from the mouth, so my deck looks like the Little Shop of Horrors!

watching SNL with my hubby. First time I have spent time with him all weekend. Only 10 more months of school left!

May 10
really needs to clean my house before the appraiser comes on Wednesday afternoon!

May 12
watching Biggest Loser finale. I should be totally inspired but instead I ate a few reese's
pieces/choc. chip cookies I made tonight.

May 13
Not a fan of Kati attempting to sneak everything lately. If I say no, then she says she will just sneak it anyway. ugh!

May 16
to much drama!

in bed, feeling crappy, want to watch a movie on the laptop but it isn't cooperating, maybe I should just sleep.

May 17
prepping for preschool graduation tomorrow. I'm excited for her but also sad. I want to keep her little forever.

May 18
back from preschool graduation, now off to the park to play!

is having a good day off with my girls. Now, I am off to the allergy doctor.

is wondering how to stop the bunnies from eating my impatients that isn't Elmer Fudd style - anyone have any ideas? They only eat the pink & white striped ones and leave the plain pink ones alone.

May 19
Has a sick baby with a temp of 102! Poor baby.

May 20
hanging out with Kati watching Full House.

May 21
working on my self evaluation for work - ugh - I hate this!

May 22
happy to have a new PINK bike! Lord, please protect me as I relearn how to ride a bike again for the first time in a decade!

May 23
is taking Kati to her first Sweet and Sassy birthday party for a friend and then I am planning to use the next 2 1/2 hours for cleaning. I need a house cleaner.

May 24
is excited to find out the bikes we bought 2 days ago went on sale for $40 less per bike. We are on our way to reclaim $80! The Target guy told us to save our receipts and watch the ads for the next 2 weeks to get the price match - glad he did!

May 25
is off to a good start today. Kati let me sleep in a little and the baby is still asleep!

Thanks to all the American Soldiers who serve/have served this great country. God Bless You.

is watching Marley and Me with kati for the 2nd time, hopefully I won't cry like a baby this time.

is thinking I miss my hubby even though he is in the house (studying). The school/work thing accounts for 98% of his day. only 10 more months though. I am really proud of him, I am just having a pity party for myself.

May 26
the baby is biting at the backs of my legs and booty as I try to facebook!!!!

May 27
is excited to watch Wipeout with Michael and Kati tonight and also wonders why my tummy has been hurting so badly lately.

May 28
thinks 5 year olds are very dramatic, at least mine is. :sigh:

is getting ready to watch a movie with my hubby!!! Woohoo for quality time together!

May 29
is putting the pool up for the summer. Let us know when you want to come for a swim!

wonders how long my neighbors feet will be green from mowing in high heeled open toed sandals?? hm... interesting choice of mowing footwear.

May 30
just caught Kati and the dog playing tug of war over a lollipop! She did fess up that she was allowing the dog to have licks to try it.

May 31
is thinking my head really hurts. The light globe from a ceiling fan fell off and my head took a direct hit.