Sunday, September 30

Baby Update

We were in St. Joe this weekend to visit my mom and dad. While we were there, we had a 3D ultrasound done. One of the ultrasound techs at my mom's office was sweet enough to come in on a Sunday and do us this favor.

She is a beautiful little girl! She already weighs in at 3 pounds, 1 ounce. Just 3 weeks ago, she was 1lb. 15 ozs. She is growing quickly! She was fully cooperative and allowed us to get some wonderful pictures. Enjoy!

She gave us a little smile for this picture. So sweet.

Wednesday, September 19

3rd Trimester, here I come...

Well, according to my pregnancy books I started my last trimester with week 27. Hard to believe that we are already to this point. I have gained about 18 pounds so far, and I am trying to limit the gain as much as possible by making healthy choices. I must admit that sometimes it is more fun to indulge in chocolate and chili cheese fries.

We painted the baby's room this weekend and are trying to get things in place. I am beginnning to feel more prepared in the physical sense of it all. Mentally, I am having a tougher time. I am doing my best not to think about labor. The first time around I just went with it because I didn't really know what to expect. This time I am anxious about it, so I have to keep reminding myself that only minutes after giving birth to Kaitlin, I told the doctor "that wasn't so bad, I'd do that again." I am ready for her to join us, so I can hold her and know she is okay. Giving the movements and the shaky jello like appearance of the tummy at times, she is obviously getting a lot bigger. She still doesn't have a name but we are working on it.