Thursday, January 31

Max - my buddy

We had the unfortunate experience this past week of deciding to put our first pet, Max, that we got when we married put to sleep. It was a hard decision but an easy decision. He had health problems from the beginning with his bladder. He had to be on a special food (aka expensive) food to keep his pH level at a certain number and he had terrible allergies. He sneezed more than any one human. Anyway, after much heartache we made the decision and Max went to kitty heaven on Monday. He was a sweet kitty. We feel like monsters having to make this decision.

We explained to Kati that he wouldn't be living at our house anymore. We told her that he was going to the vet and they would find him a new home. I wasn't ready to explain death to her any sooner than I have too. All the way to Gram's house, where we left the kids while Michael and I took Max for his final car ride, Kati kept saying to Max, "I'm sorry buddy." It broke my heart as she continued to talk to him. She has asked a few times about him and say that she hopes the vet found him a new home.
Sad, but it's a fact of life I guess.

Saturday, January 26

Six weeks old!

Hard to believe but my baby is six weeks old this week. She is growing quickly. She is already 10 pounds, sleeping through the night, and smiling! I am grateful to God for this precious gift. Enjoy the pictures we had taken today at Portrait Innovations. If you have never visited one of their studios, you should because they are wonderful. They work so well with the girls and aren't pushy, and the pictures are phenomenal and you walk out with them same day.

Sunday, January 20

The fun of staying at home

I have discovered that I absolutely love staying at home. I always thought I was more the working mom type than a stay at home mom type but I could definitely get used to this although I won't be. I only have 2 weeks of maternity leave left and I am really dreading the return to work. (eight weeks ago, I didn't dream I would be saying that.) I am sure once I get back to it I will be okay (at least, that's what I am telling myself.) Right now, I can't even leave Ava for a few hours without crying when I return home to her just because the thought of being away for 8+ hours a day is heart-wrenching. To my co-worker(s) who may read this - don't worry I will be back. I don't have a choice financially since Nebraska is such an expensive state to live in. The gas taxes alone in this state are ridiculous. Anyway, back to my point, I am really enjoying my time at home with my girls. Kati keeps me pretty entertained most days. Some days not so entertaining and more work but overall this has been a pretty great last month.

Anyway, the nice part is that I get to snap pictures at the best moments throughout the day. Kati is a funny kid... I bought Kati new headbands and she decided to wear all of them.

Kati is breastfeeding her baby dolls now.
I just about fell over with laughter when I observed this.

I was watching from the window while Kati and daddy decided to play outside in the snow before frostbite set in this past Saturday.

Snowball fight!Ice sliding!
Michael and Kati discovered an ice rink in our front yard under the fresh snow. It had a slight downward grade so they took turns sliding.

Friday, January 11

Pictures of my girls

Here are the latest pictures of my girls. I love being able to say that! They are such a blessing and I am so glad I have this time to spend with them. I have really gotten used to staying at home with them and it will be really hard to go back to work in February. I can say I have a new found appreciation for all stay at home moms and for our babysitter, Aunt Lisa.