Wednesday, May 14

May Days

Our girls are growing an getting so big. Kati is full of energy. She goes from sun up to bedtime nonstop. She quit taking naps at Aunt Lisa's house b/c she wouldn't be able to go to sleep at night. She takes a quiettime though - or as quiet as I can imagine her being! :-)

A snippet of Kati's favorite activities.

Note the pink stair Kati drew on. She then sat in the chalk and despite my warning not to sit on anything and to strip her clothes immediately after stepping inside - she sat down on the carpeted stair to remove her shoes! Eeek!


Ava is growing and getting so big - now 5 months old. She is wearing 6-9 month clothes and is quickly burning through those as well. At this point, Kati was just wearing 3-6 month clothing so all those cute little summer dresses won't be seen again. Seeing Ava now, reminds me of Kati when she was a baby. I am told her eyes are turning hazel like Kati's but I am still holding out hope that she'll have baby blues like her mama. I think she is going to get a little red tint to her hair and she already has the most beautiful olive skin (thanks to her dad's side of the family). Kati and I will be jealous of her complexion I am sure as we are the very white girls (thanks to my Irish heritage.)

Ava loves to eat! Notice in the first picture that she is holding my pinky as I feed her. She holds on to my pinky the whole time. The second is after she is finished eating her peas and rice cereal. She is a happy girl.

Kati is keeping busy with swimming lessons, while Ava is busy eating new foods. She has tried every stage 1 veggie there is and loves them all - even green beans and peas! I allowed Kati to make the decision of what fruit to try first, so tonight it will be baby bananas - as Kati calls them.

The week ahead will be busy for the Ingraldi Family. Friday, Grammy and Papa come from Missouri to watch the girls overnight while Michael and I go to a church Leadership retreat. Sunday, we are having Ava's baby dedication at church. Kati has swim lessons in the afternoon and then she is off to Grammy and Papa's for the week. I do not know what I will do without her. She definitely keeps our life busy and challenging. I will miss her but know she will have a great time.

Pictures of the girls on recent walk. I snapped the picture of Kati holding Ava's hand - too sweet!

Who's Got the Beat?

I guess I do but not the way I wish I did. I can't dance at all. I am wearing a 24 hour halter monitor for my heart to try and figure out why I am having such rapid accelerations that occur out of the blue. They last for 5 to 10 minutes and it feels like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. This started about 6 weeks ago, right after I quit nursing Ava so I attributed it to the re-introduction of caffiene to my body again but not so much anymore. I went to the cardiologist yesterday for a 24 hour monitor to try and see what's up. I am not thrilled with being 27 and wearing one of these. I am really hoping it is just stress or something. I plan on getting my cholesterol checked as well. Given my family's heart health history - I'm not leaving anything to chance. I go back in 2 weeks for the results.