Wednesday, December 10

Blogger Neglect

It's official folks, I am guilty of blog neglect. I cannot believe it has been 3 months since I last blogged. Life has been busy to say the least. My new job keeps me way busier than I ever thought possible, there is no time to be bored, let along blog! I used to blog during lunch breaks but I don't know what those are anymore. That's not to say I am not enjoying my job because I do. My mom pointed out that in my previous post I say I have a new job but haven't said what it is or what I do. So, in short, I am the lead Medical Staff Specialist for a local hospital in Omaha. I work exclusively for the physicians and whatever they need, but more specifically forthe physician executive board and act a psuedo liason between Administration and Medical Staff. It is a good job. As hard as I work, I do have more flexible hours and see the kids more most evenings than I have in the past. It is a very big job and feels bigger than I can handle at times, but I AM doing it well - one day at a time!

Life has presented some challenges but we are still blessed. We know that God has the bigger picture and keep trusting him for guidance and his providence in our lives! Michael is working for a friend of our who owns his own garage door business. It is hard manly work. Not that he wasn't used to hard work but it is a different level of hard work. We're talking in the cold all the time, either cold temperatures or sub zero freezers. He likes the work and likes his co-workers but it is very hard for him and for the girls and I for him to be away so much. He is still looking for other employment. We are MOST grateful to our friends, Bob and Robyn, for giving him this opportunity when we desperately needed it. We are praying for special guidance right now for Friday morning.

In September, Michael tested for the local law enforcement and was asked to submit his personal history packet to the Bellevue PD. He turned it in and got a letter saying that his application wasn't going forward at this time. He called and asked what the problem was and was told he hadn't submitted copies of his driver's license and other documentation. The Leutienant was very gracious and said he could bring it in this Friday at 10am for a short interview. So... we don't know what will happen next but we pray that God will open the door if it is his plan for our lives. We shall see.

The girls are getting so big. I will post pics later of them.

Please keep us all in your prayers! I know there are plenty of people who are far worse situations, but we would appreciate your prayers.