Friday, November 30

It's official!

I am on the books to be induced starting at midnight on December 11th. I am so ready to see my baby girl. Feeling her move inside me these past months has been amazing but I need to see her, hold her, and know she is real. After all we have been through past few years, it is hard to believe we are at the end of a very real miracle. We are all so excited to meet her!

I had a wonderful baby shower this week given by the women I work. They were all so very generous. I am really blessed to work where I do and have such a great work family.

Labor is nearing, or at least I feel like it should be! She dropped this week. Tuesday morning I woke up and could hardly walk. Every step made me either laugh or cry from the pain. I am weird person who like my dad laughs when I am in pain. I was forced by the people I work with to go up to the OB floor and get checked. I am still at 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, I am hoping to go on my own and avoid induction if at all possible.

Pray for a smooth, safe delivery!

Monday, November 19

What a Dad!

Saturday morning, we went to gymnastics class as usual. This day was different as it was parent participation day. Her daddy got to go in with her and have fun. They had circle time where they all stretched and then did some fun things, then they were able to do the circuits and show off what they could do. Let me tell you, I have a new appreciation for my husband as a daddy and as a man. Seeing my husband out there with Kati, acting like a turkey and shaking his tail feathers made me love him all the more. It was the cutest thing. To see him put aside all inhibitions and do that was so neat to watch. He just did because that's what he was supposed to do. He is a great daddy.

One more testament to this, Friday night we were playing a rousing game of Candy Land with Kati. She was really struggling with trying win at least one game. She kept getting sent back and was getting a little dismayed. This is my child who it really never bothers her if she loses but since Michael and I had each already won a game, it was getting to her a little. She looked so sad everytime she got sent back near the start and we were nearing candy land. Anyway, my sweet husband picked up on this and found a card that would send him back near the begininning with her. I know we can't always protect our kids from disappointment but in this instance, I fell in love with my husband all over again.

Thursday, November 15

3 1/2 weeks to go...

We are nearing the end of pregnancy! I am so ready to meet our little girl. I found out last week I will be induced at 39 weeks if I have not had her by then. At this point, if I go into labor, it will not be stopped. So she will be born on either December 11th or 12th, depending on what time they start the induction on the 11th. The high risk specialist has released me to my regular OB. Baby is growing at a great pace and is in the 49th percentile. She is 5lbs. 15ozs - with 3 1/2 weeks left to go! I have hit the 30lb. weight gain mark as of this morning. I knew it was coming but I was hoping I could stay in the 20's. Overall, I am proud of myself. I have eaten very healthy and made pretty smart choices throughout the pregnancy. I was doing pretty good until Halloween, and since then there has been way too much candy and chocolate available!

Keep praying for her health and for mine as we are nearing the end. Here's a snapshot we got of her little face today. Isn't she a beauty!