Thursday, August 14

Finally got a minivan!

I have wanted a minivan for so long. Both of our cars are both older, 91 and 96. We were attached to Michael's car simply because it was his grandfathers. We bought it after he passed away in 2005. We were finally forced to do something last weekend about our car situation. Everything starts breaking, which is understandable given that our car was old enough to graduate high school. So last Saturday, we found a new to us 2002 Chrysler Town and Country. It has a lot of amenities that we did not expect to find in our price range. It was a blessing. A mechanic checked it out and all is perfectly fine! It was an emotional goodbye to the old Buick. It felt like our last connection to Papa Cox. We both had tears in our eyes as we drove away. We felt like we left our heart on the lot in some ways. We realize that he would want us to have something better but it was hard to part. We are excited to drive our new mini, it feels good to have air conditioning!