Wednesday, May 23

Time to Catch Up!

It has been so long since I last blogged. So I'll take this moment to catch everyone who might read this up on life at the Ingraldi's house.

In mid-May we closed and moved into our new house. We are slowly settling into our new home. We are working hard to make it into our home. We have been blessed with lots of help. I am very pleased with the amount of room we have, more than I remembered. We now live on a very quiet street and I am so happy we are in this house. The only sad part about leaving the old house was saying goodbye to Kaitlin's room. It was so cute and there were so many memories in that room. We are anxious to make new memories in our new house as well.

Even bigger news than all the moving is that after a long awaited time, we learned Easter weekend that we are expecting again! For those who know my OB history over the past few years it has been a rocky road. I am now 11 1/2 weeks along and I have had blood tests after blood tests, progesterone, and 4 ultrasounds, and everything looks great. My doctor feels very comfortable now with the pregnancy and I do too. This baby is an answer to prayer and I thank God for making this a healthy pregnancy. There is a risk that I will be high risk given my genetic disorder but the doctors say that with the regimine of pills that I am on that I am doing everything I can. I will see a specialist in 5 weeks.

Last week we heard the baby's heartbeat! I had seen it at my ultrasound at 6 weeks and then at my 8 weeks appointment but to hear it is the most wonderful sound. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Today, I had another ultrasound and the baby is doign awesome. Arms and legs were very active, I am sure I;ll be feeling lots of movement in a about a month or so. I can't wait. Baby is measuring a full week ahead and they tell me by baby measurement, I am due December 11th.

Kaitlin is very excited to be a big sister. Although, she doesn't quite get it yet, she wanted to know if we could take the baby and play with him. We don't know what the baby is yet but we all have a feeling it's a boy. Kaitlin has been less than thrilled that she no longer a dedicated room for her toys but she'll get over it.

Michael and I feel so blessed to see God's plan taking shape before us. For about year it really felt like we were in a rut. It seemed that every time we tried to get up, we slipped back down the mountain a little further. This Spring was the turn of a new day. We put our house up for sale and it sold in 5 days! We felt God's direction in choosing our new house. We had about 15 houses on the list and the day before we went to look at houses, 7 of them had contracts. On April 6th, Michael found out he got a big promotion at work. This had been a huge plight of his to move on after 2 years in the same job. He kept getting passed over for what seemed like many positions. We have definitly been shown that it all happens in God's timing and not our own. Conicindentally, we found out of the same day of the promotion that I was pregnant. The news came as excitement and trepidation. Having been down this road unsuccessfully twice after Kaitlin, it was scary. I have felt God's peace every step of the way.

So, I will update as often as I can now, now that there is news to share!