Monday, June 25

It's a...


We had an ultrasound done last Friday at my mom's office but the baby refused to let us peek. The cord was between the legs, so it will remain a secret for a few more weeks, which is okay with me. My guess is a boy but our mom's think it is a girl. We'll see whose mother's intuition is correct in due time.

Enjoy the pictures the baby did let us get.

Thursday, June 14

Growing and growing it appears

So here I am 13 weeks, 2 days pregnant with baby #2. I didn't think that at this point, I would be this big but it sure hasn't taken long to "pooch" out there.

In my defense, these pictures were taken at the end of a 10 hour work day.

Wednesday, June 13

All about Kati

What a busy week it has been! We have been occupied with trying to get our pool up and going, but it is taking a lot longer than we originally thought it would. We bought a 16 ft. Easy set pool at good old Walmart and it hasn't been as easy as we thought it would be, or the box make it appear. We all love our new yard. We are going to get her a swing set, because as you can tell, she has definitely outgrown the little slide and swing she's had for 2 years.

Look at those long legs! Thank God she will have her Daddy's gift of height!

She loves to lay in the grass and look up at the clouds.
She is really enjoying the new nearby park that is 2 blks. from our house. She asks to go every night.

And now my new favorite picture of her, I am a proud mommy of my beautiful girl.