Wednesday, October 31

What a weekend!

We had such a busy weekend. I am finally recovered from it, so I now have the energy to post about it ;-). We started Friday night at church for the Fall Festival where we painted a pumpkin, played games, and ate cookies. Saturday, we had gymnastics, where she had another party. We surprised her that afternoon with a trip to the pumpkin patch. Saturday night, Michael and I went on our first date in months and enjoyed some adult conversation. Sunday, we had the opportunity to have my former youth pastor's speak at our church. We then went to lunch and had time to reconnect with them. We got home from lunch and had about 30 minutes before we turned around to leave again, this time costume on and headed out for outdoor trick or treating at a local mall. Whew, that made me tired thinking about all the things we did. It was a fun weekend and worth every smile on Kati's face.

I'm officially HUGE!

33 weeks along, 7 weeks (hopefully like 5 weeks) left! I didn't realize how big I was until I saw this picture. My non-stress tests have been going pretty well. Monday's was a little worrisome but she got her heartrate up finally to where it was supposed to be, it just took her a long time. This is my last week of no doctor's appointments. Right now, I have two non-stress tests (NST) per week and every other week a doctor's appt. Starting next week it will be, Monday - NST, Thursday - doctor appt & NST. This little one is worth all of it and the NST's give me reassurance, I love to hooked up and hear her heartbeat for the 45 minutes it takes. I mostly just can't wait to hold her in my arms.
Kati is getting so excited for her sister to arrive. Hanna, our black lab had to be in the picture too. She is being so attentive to me. Every time I move she is right there with me. If I am resting on the couch or bed, she is right there with me. So it's fitting that she is in this picture too.

Friday, October 19

Happy Fall!

Kati is so enjoying the Fall. She is asking lots of questions about the change in the season: why do the leaves change colors? When will the leaves grow back? Why is it so dark in the morning? How does the sun rise? Why is the grass wet every morning?

Before long, I'll be explaining photosynthesis and global warming! She is very inquisitive.

Yesterday, at her Sasa's (that's what she calls her great aunt Lisa who so lovingly watches her everyday) she made Halloween decorations. Enjoy the pictures below!

She is wearing her spider as a hat.

Baby Update

I went to the perinatalogist yesterday and learned that she is already a whopper at 4 lbs. 7ozs.! That puts her in the 60th percentile for growth. She has gained 1 lb, 4 ozs in the past 2 1/2 weeks. Everything is still looking pretty good with her. I go back to see him in 4 weeks and if everything stays on course with her growth then I won't have to see him again, just my primary OB.
Here are pictures of her room. It is a work in progress. We have company coming next weekend and they will take up residence in her room, so I don't want to finish it up quite yet to allow room for their things. We are hosting Pastor Kent and Leslie, my former youth pastors in St. Joe, MO. They are now missionaries to the Netherlands and will be speaking at our church Sunday. It will so great to see them again and reconnect.

Wednesday, October 10

30 weeks

30 down, 10 to go...
I am getting bigger and bigger, which is to be expected. I have now gained 22 pounds. I am pretty happy with the minimal gain so far. I was so bad when I was pregnant with Kati and was determined not to eat everything in sight this time. I indulge from time to time, like Saturday when I was hunting for chocolate in the kitchen. My husband learned that you don't eat a pregnant woman's chocolate. He went out the next day and brought me back 2 huge chocolate bars, of which I have eaten about 2 inches of one. He is good to me. I have to give him a lot credit. He has been doing a lot of extra things around the house and is doing a great job.

Kati is getting excited about her baby sister. She helped me in the baby's room this past weekend. While I did the drawer liners in the dresser, she played with her baby in the swing and fed her goldfish. She is being a bit ornery, every bit the three year old. She is in a gymnastics class on Saturday mornings and loves it. She loves doing somersaults. I need to get some updated pics of her on here too.