Thursday, July 2


The other night while pulling weeds from the yard, the task went from being arduous, painful, and annoying to somehow spiritual. That was the last place I suspected I would see a correlation between weeds and how God must see our lives sometimes. In our yard, we tend to get these weeds that go on for feet at a time, sometimes 4 feet long as they snake through the grass and mingle with everything in their path. It didn't matter where I was pulling these weeds from, a rock bed, sand or grass - these weeds were persistent. So as I pulled with all my might on some, even using the claw of a hammer to get one out, and others gently lifted from their roots, I began to think if this is how God sees sin in our lives. A tangled mess. Persistent. Annoying. Downright frustrating. Even when there was a barrier to stop the weeds, i.e. black tarp paper or plastic edging, the weeds found their way into the area. So, this is what I thought about the correlation of sin and weeds: no matter how hard we try to "weed" proof our lives, we much constantly be pulling and pruning the weeds that creep in. I know I am guilty of living the "Christian" way but often times forgetting to edify my relationship with God with time in prayer and scripture. So my lesson from my night of pulling weeds, that I am sharing, is that I am going to dust off my bible and take the time to pray, and try to prune a little more often - both in my life and in my yard.

PS - my legs are killing me from squatting and bending over but in the end, it was worth it to see a clear area that I knew needed a good cleaning, much like my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Very well said. If we could only grasp hold that God's plan for our life is so much bigger than we can even imagine. I am so glad he never gives up on us.
Love you