Thursday, February 26

Last Day as a 4 year old.

I am sad and in denial that my little girl is becoming such a big girl. Kati will be 5 years old tomorrow. I am happy and sad. Five seems like such a huge deal, especially to her. It's hard to believe that years ago tonight I sat in the hospital laboring for 25 hours. She has grown up so much. Luckily, she is my cuddler so even though she doesn't fit in my arms anymore, she still likes to be held by them.

We made cupcakes tonight for her preschool class tomorrow morning. She used three different kinds of sprinkles and had to do a pattern. She is so excited to be turning 5, I am in denial but it will be here no matter how long I want to keep her little.

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Amber said...

She is getting big. She's also beautiful!
Happy Birthday Kati!